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What do your VoIP speed test results mean?

Your Internet speed is the most important ingredient in the recipe for the perfect VoIP connection. The faster the Internet, the better the connection! Remember to test your Internet speed before installing more devices. This helps make sure the speed of your tools always keeps up with the speed of your team.

Download speed

This refers to how fast your device pulls data from the Internet. Faster speeds make for higher-quality calls and more reliable phone systems.

Upload speed

This refers to how fast your device pushes data to the Internet. Like download speeds, the faster the better!

Ping & jitter

Ping refers to latency. Jitter refers to the ping's variation. When both are low, signal is clear and consistent.

3 factors that can affect your VoIP speed test

Having trouble with your Internet speed? Start by troubleshooting these common trouble-makers.

Internet service provider

Internet service providers (ISPs) often offer plans with high maximum download and upload speeds. Unfortunately, those speeds are more so targets than guarantees. This speed test helps you see your actual Internet speed. Use it to make sure your ISP is giving you the speed you need.

Internet service type

There are many different types of Internet access, some faster than others. Examples include DSL, ADSL, fiber optics, and more. If you’re not getting the speeds necessary to support your business phone system, consider speaking with your ISP about other Internet service types.

Bandwidth (or lack thereof)

If you’re experiencing dropped calls or other connectivity issues after installing more devices, you might be running out of bandwidth. Many ISPs offer plans with different bandwidth capabilities. If you’ve outgrown your current plan’s capacity, it might be time to upgrade.