We’re all talk.

From the tech barriers we’re breaking to the companies we’re building, we live and breathe our promise of connecting humans to humans.

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What Mongotel is made of


Business users relying on
us as their telecom


Custom lines of code in our
proprietary software


Certified Installers in the
national MongoTel network
and growing

Our Story

Once upon a time, conversations happened in person.


Mongotel’s story begins a little after that.

In 2014, our original Big Idea was to make enterprise telecom technologies accessible to all organizations.

And we did.

Together with trusted partners nationwide, we continue enabling businesses of all sizes to tap into the latest emerging technologies.

To this day, our proprietary, scalable systems are homegrown and supported by our very own talents. Go on.

Drop ‘em a line


Closing in on a decade of openness


Mongotel is founded in a garage in Brooklyn, NY, with a vision of “being the tech behind the connection.”


Mongotel introduces its first resale-ready telephony system with a clever “all tele, no phony” honesty campaign.


After just 21 months in business, Mongotel establishes strong footing in the security industry with core features fit for giants.


Through its Partner Network, Mongotel hits a major milestone: onboarding organization #1,000.


Despite its position as a tech company, Mongotel builds out a modest support team to serve Resellers and their Users.


The company’s leadership recommits to building the best technologies, refusing to sell Mongotel into absorption.


Now over 115,000 Users strong, Mongotel plays a vital role in keeping teams connected in the face of COVID-19.


Mongotel expands its core technologies to introduce powerful functionalities for the new remote reality.


Mongotel continues building toward a novel "person as device" approach to better, more custom communication.

Core Values

The little voices in our ear


to the point of transparency

In voice, product, people, and price, we champion
the whole truth and uphold honesty at any cost.


from the walls up

By insisting on our Partners and trusted hardware, we
ensure you enjoy our technology at optimal functionality.


to the point of independence

While we offer an entire phonebook of features, it all
remains intuitively flexible and endlessly scalable.


in the most joyful way

We say we are Happy to connect™ and we live it—happily
connecting you to your audience, abilities, and profits.


The well-connected are connected to us.

Our Team

People of Mongotel

A fulfilling career with the right connections can make all the difference. What role will you play?