Companies Worldwide in 25 Industries Over Four Continents Trust MongoTEL for their Communications Solutions

Since MongoTEL main concern is to satisfy our costumers, we provide with a

30 Day Guarantee.

#1 In Reliabilty!
It works as follows, after you sign up with mongotel and you feel this is not for your business within the 30 days , MongTEL provides refund for the full purchase price, with NO cancellation Fee!



Here’s what a few of them had to say:

I'm VERY impressed by the expertise and support offered by MongoTel. Customer Care? The features I need? Value? Check, check, check. And those are the reasons why I send them referrals from people I know, and why I'm delighted to recommend them here publicly…

Duke Medical Inc - Nduka Lewis

As a retail chain with multiple locations, we needed a system that would enable us to have a unified phone system that would seamlessly work across our stores-- while having a very thorough hierarchy of which phone line would ring where before moving to a secondary location if the store floor was too busy to answer. MongoTel continues to pleasantly surprise us with their work ethic and ability to create and update a system that really gets the job done- and done well.

What a bargain - Jacob Treger

As an Insurance Agent, Cost is not the key concern when ordering something like business phone service-- reliability, clarity, and customer service are what really are key. So, I was originally a bit skeptical about MongoTel. How could they possible be offering VoIP service, with all its features and clarity, at such a price? I ordered my office lines from them... and I continue to be delighted with the product, with the service, and with the clarity... Let's put it this way; they have won me over totally. How do I put it? I've been "Mongo-telled!"

MMFG- Joel Weinstock