It’s good to MongoTel

The list goes on, but here are the top 16 reasons that come to mind. That’s without counting our impeccable smiles.

  • Good Connections
  • Free Things
  • Treat you with Goodness
  • Reliable System
  • Good to go & Grow

It begins with good connections

MongoTel is the bridge that connects powerful systems to personal aspirations.

Carrier you recognize

We partner with Grade A upstream carriers, maintaining the same powerful backbone as big-league companies such as Google, Ring Central, Zoom, and others.

People who recognize you

We don’t just have your number. We also know your name. Our devoted customer support team goes above and beyond the call of duty to learn and serve your needs.

Some good things just come free

What’s better than great value? Complimentary. No, thank YOU!

Free Welcome Message

Get your opening greeting recorded by our production studio free of charge.

Free Number Porting

Feeling attached to a phone number? Port it over for free and stay connected to it.

Free Extension Number

No monthly charge on one non-premium number per extension.

We respond in good time

You’re a human being, not a number. (Well, you’re a number too, but you get the point.)

Clear, Straightforward Billing

What you see is what you pay. No tax tricks or obscure backhanded terms to nickel and dime you.

Direct Reseller Contact

You always feel looked after on the personal level by your Mongotel Certified Reseller and our team.

Easy Online Management

Our admin and user portals put you in control so you never have to beg, borrow, or steal our attention.

Flexible, No-Contract Service

We believe in earning your business, and even make it easy to pause your service. (We’re looking at you, summer camps!)

Just a good, reliable system.

What more is there to say? We are deeply invested in empowering you.

Fully Capable Platform

You get a full-fledged feature set + a set price. With very few billable extras, MongoTel is the best value right off the shelf.

Flexible By Design

Built from ground up to enable feature mixing and matching for powerful functionality that runs just the way you do.

Scalable in Seconds

Whether you’re a new market entrant or enterprise operator, MongoTel can deploy services for 5 to 5,000 users with a click.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Neither our system nor our people believe in downtime. We are cloud-native and fully cloud-hosted for your peace of mind.

Good to go, and grow.

Get connected as soon as today, then keep your system evolving.

In House Dev Team

We take great pride in our proprietary, homegrown tech and talented developers

Custom Integrations

Take your phone system further by connecting it with other powerful tools you use.

Broad Hardware Support

We go well beyond phones, with support for doorbells, PA systems, ATAs and more.

Happy to connect™

We respond in good time. We’re here to help, and understand that you need it now. Simple as that.