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Why MongoTel?

Sure, you have choices. But to really get the best Internet phone system, you need the professional installation and key features that set all others apart from MongoTel.

What really separates MongoTel from the competition? The truth of the matter is they don't even come close to the reliability, security, support and overall superior connectivity from our cloud-based, virtual PBX platform and Internet communications services.

Our products are best of breed, our installers professionally certified, and our support is responsive.

Highest quality user experience

Our success means your customers are satisfied and continue to turn to you and our solution for new features, upgrades and additional installations. Proprietary technology which is professionally installed allows for high-definition quality VoIP. We start with a full, proper installation by low-voltage experts. It's not plug and play but that means we take care of any firewall and network issues and have even developed a proprietary router that takes care of those challenges and any other you may have had in the past.

Expert bandwidth allocation, no packet loss or delays

MongoTEL works reliably and includes inherent security. You can grow the system easily and upgrade seamlessly to new features. No matter how small or large, you'll have the right bandwidth and accessibility for crystal clear conversations, no matter where you make the call.

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