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Any company can espouse its own value, but that's not what it's all about. You need to hear from our satisfied customers who have actually seen and been part of the reasons why we stand above the rest in business telephone systems. From CNBC to Thomson Reuters to Yahoo Finance, we provide solutions to top tier firms to smaller businesses and everyone in-between.

Here's what they say about MongoTEL and how we raised the bar on communications productivity:

  • Jacob Treger, What a Bargain

    As a retail chain with multiple locations, we needed a system that would enable us to have a unified phone system that would seamlessly work across our stores-- while having a very thorough hierarchy of which phone line would ring where before moving to a secondary location if the store floor was too busy to answer. MongoTel continues to pleasantly surprise us with their work ethic and ability to create and update a system that really gets the job done- and done well.

  • Nduka Lewis, Duke Medical Inc

    I'm VERY impressed by the expertise and support offered by MongoTel. Customer Care? The features I need? Value? Check, check, check. And those are the reasons why I send them referrals from people I know, and why I'm delighted to recommend them here publicly.

  • Joel Weinstock, MMFG

    As an Insurance Agent, Cost is not the key concern when ordering something like business phone service-- reliability, clarity, and customer service are what really are key. So, I was originally a bit skeptical about MongoTel. How could they possible be offering VoIP service, with all its features and clarity, at such a price? I ordered my office lines from them... and I continue to be delighted with the product, with the service, and with the clarity... Let's put it this way; they have won me over totally. How do I put it? I've been "Mongo-telled!"

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